A big thank you to all of those who have helped Mosqoy through their artistic and intellectual endeavours.

Your work is greatly appreciated. 

A special thanks to our volunteer graphic designer Anastasiya Smolina 

for creating our beautiful logo designs. 

Web Team

Web Designer | Bethany Foot

Web Editor | Ashli Akins & Mosqoy Board Members 

Webmaster | Hamid Zamani  

Support | Alison Root, Mike Graeme & Trent Freeman

Interviewers | Bentley Anderson, Ashli Akins, Elizabeth Bailey,

Eleanor Beck, Emma Claire James, Carrie Damiani, Jessica Erickson, 

Tania Herrera Delgado, Silvia Huanaco Surco, Jessica Jaeger, 

Emily Pfeuffer Bunch, Olivia Senor, Anna Rhomehamel


Thank you to our skilled translation team for translating our materials, interviews, and meetings between English, Spanish, Quechua, and French:

Thalia Choqquepuma Ccorahua | Elise Cote Valesquez | Fernando Echame Melo

Patrick Grace | Michael Graeme | Cristian Guerra Acuña

Tania Herrera Delgado | Silvia Huanaco Surco | Marilyn Hurtado Vega

Elizabeth Jaimes Canal | Adrian Jimenez Suma | Karina Jimenez Suma

 Gabriela McBee | Nohemi Orihuela Aguilar | Clayda Paucar Vilca

Rosa Stewart | Areli Valencia Vargas 


A big thank you to all the talented photographers who have captured Mosqoy's best moments and allowed us to share them, including:

Ashli Akins | Sarah Confer | Allie Dickhout | Mike Graeme

Jayce Hawkins | Katarina Heim | Stuart Higgs

Sarah Hughes | Katie Larone | Alley Leinweber

Reanna McMillan | Diego Nishiyama Villasante | Oliver Pablo Bambach

 Sonya Radetsky | Alison Root | Brooke Shaughnessy

 Madison Stewart | Lindsay Stewart | Nora Walker

We would like to thank Lydia Beauregard for using her artistic skill to hand-draw beautiful images of the weaving process and other Mosqoy elements for us to use. Find them on our Etsy shop

We would also like to recognize all of the Quechua weavers who shared knowledge about themselves, their communities, and their traditions with Mosqoy. This dissemination of knowledge is tantamount.


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Binario que representa la falta de opciones que enfrentan los tejedores Quechuas, por Ashli Akins, 2013, En defensa de los Artistas, Tesis de Maestría, University of Oxford.