Giving Campaign


Dear Mosqoy family,

It is that time of year again. For rainy days and snowflakes, hot chocolate and Mosqoy’s Annual Giving Campaign!

Each year as I write this letter, I am filled with polarizing emotions of gratitude and grief, as it gives me the opportunity to reflect on our shared memories over the past year. Loss, despair, fear. And also celebration, collective effort, community. This year is no different, and I truly don’t know where to start. So, instead, I will start at the end.


After so many days and months of waiting, we have finally re-opened Casa Mosqoy (our student dormitory and headquarters) and re-activated our Mosqoy Youth Program. One of our first projects upon re-opening our doors was painting a beautiful mural all around the entrance; we now walk accompanied by hummingbirds, pumas, Queuña trees, Apus (mountain gods), and llamas.
































Our seven resilient students from our so-called “Covid Cohort” are now living with us in Cusco, so eager to finally start their studies. And we recruited 12 new students too. This year, there was so much competition, due to the backlog and economic crisis caused by the pandemic. We wished we could accept everyone – promising students from such a diversity of communities, regions, and aspiring professions. Presumably due to COVID-19, the economic crisis, and an increasing notice of climate change, we have fewer incoming students interested in being tour guides and hotel administrators, and more wanting to study law, accounting, medicine, and environmental science.

One of our incoming students, Karina, is from the remote village of Huilloc, and hopes to be a lawyer so that she can return to her community and advocate for their rights. Another promising student, Anita, wants to study environmental engineering so that she can stop her land from being destroyed and come up with more sustainable community-based solutions. Another, Anali, is the daughter of our partnering weaver, Celestina, and is already apprenticing with us as we visit communities through our Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles program; she is learning about fair-trade business principles. Yhamely, from the community of Amaru, when asked where she saw herself in the future, responded saying “the President of Peru”. Why does she want to become President? "So that I can stop all of the corruption in my country," she responded.

These are the voices of our future.

These are the leaders of the future.

They care. They care about themselves, their families, their communities. They care about their culture, their language, and their land.

And they need us to care too.



This year, we are raising $20,000 to support our scholarship students, our partnering weavers, and their communities. And our Board members have generously offered to match all $20,000 by 50%! Therefore, if you donate $20, it becomes $30! As usual, all of this money will go directly to our three charitable programs. Any gift – big or small – will be used wisely and be so appreciated. (And if you're Canadian, you will receive a tax receipt.

This year we are struggling. We are trying to support our partnering communities in crisis, while also being in crisis ourselves. We understand that these past couple of years have been unprecedented, unexpected, and unrelenting for all of us. We hope that you are able to give this year, big or small, as we try to climb our way out of the collective challenges we have faced and continue supporting our mission. If you don’t have the ability to support us financially at this time, there are other things you can do. You can talk about us with your friends, share our campaign on social media (instagram: @mosqoyperu and facebook @mosqoy), and encourage others to donate, purchase textiles, or follow our work.


Thank you for being part of our collective future. One that is more sustainable and equitable. One that gives us reason to hope.

As we wrap up our 15th year, may the end of this era be only the beginning.


With gratitude, now and always,

on behalf of everyone here at Mosqoy,


Mural 1.jpg

Some of our students and team members in front of Casa Mosqoy's newly painted mural, a group project led by artist and Mosqoy volunteer Laura Johnson. (Photo by Moises Vergara)

How you can help this holiday season:

OPTION 1: Contribute to our Annual Giving Campaign.

Give a one-time gift and have your donation matched for double the impact! Your donation directly benefits the programs Mosqoy operates. Make a donation in a friend or family member’s name as a gift that gives this holiday season. Use the Donate button below.

OPTION 2: Become a Mosqoy Member.

Contribute a small monthly donation of $10, $25, or $50 through our safe, secure, automatic credit card processing.

If you would like to donate by cheque, please write it to "Mosqoy" and mail it to:


1004 North Park

Victoria, BC

V8T 1C6


Thank you for your support – past, present, and future.

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